Feedback on STEM graduate program STEM-IP07 | Photo gallery
It was well organized as a regular AUTM conference - John Fraser, AUTM
Congratulations on a superbly delivered course - Rachelle Harris, MIHR
I take back to my organization, an idea of being open to academic research, which was not the case so far - Ms.Sudatta Dasgupta, Bharat Serums and Vaccines.
Well planned and well run program with educational sessions and useful presentations - Dr.Rajendar K.Sharma, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, USA.
Got insight into technology valuation - P.K.Nag, National Institute of Occupational Health.
Useful insight into negotiation process, technology valuation, corporate IP Policy and FTO analysis - A.S.P.Ranga Prasad, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.
Useful sessions on drafting artful licensing agreements, best practices and bio material licensing - Indrani Ghosh, CSIR.
The program was simply wonderful. The presentations were very very useful - Shashank Mauria, ICAR.
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